Member Benefits

Get a Second Opinion

  • You can expect an experienced, credentialed, and independent dentist to review your treatment plan, dental records and oral health history if/as available.

  • You can expect the dentist to ask you a few questions in order to best identify, diagnose and recommend possible other options or the same treatment plan.
  • You can expect a transparent and fair review of your treatment plan with no incentives other than what’s best for your oral health.
  • If requested, you can expect a referral to a different dentist in your area to provide the recommended dental care.

It’s really that easy.

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How it Works:

  • Click on the Second Opinion button on the app.
  • Select the participating dental practice that has your current treatment plan and dental records.
  • Moonlight Graham will reach out to your dental practice to get your current treatment plan and available dental records.
  • Upon receipt of the treatment plan and dental records, select one of two second opinion options, and if appropriate an available virtual meeting time.
  • Complete a brief questionnaire about your oral health.
  • Enter your valid credit card information to confirm you want to purchase the selected second opinion service.
  • If appropriate, click on the Second Opinion link at the reserved and confirmed time.

  • If appropriate, virtually meet with the dentist.

  • Receive a written review of  your treatment plan and a recommendation on the next steps for your dental care.