One of the biggest hygiene challenges toddlers face is brushing their teeth. Here is how to get them to want to brush without argument.

On a good day, getting a toddler to brush their teeth can be a daunting task. There are very few toddlers that enjoy having their teeth brushed and fewer still who want to do it themselves. This leaves many parents wondering how to get their toddlers to brush their teeth. The reason why it is so important that toddlers brush their teeth is because of tooth decay.

According to, one out of 10 two-year-olds has already had one or more cavities. While this might not seem like a big deal considering that these are not permanent teeth, without intervention the permanent teeth can become diseased as well. As such, teaching a toddler good oral hygiene early is imperative for healthy teeth as he ages. Here is how to get your toddler to brush his teeth.

Let Your Toddler Choose Their Toothbrush

When a toddler is invested in an activity, he is more likely to want to participate in it. As such, letting the toddler pick out their toothbrush with a favorite character or color is a good place to start when it comes to getting him to want to brush his teeth.

If there are multiple options for flossers and kinds of toothpaste available, letting him choose those as well will make him feel like he has a say on the entire tooth brushing process and may make him actually look forward to brushing his pearly whites.

Have Toddler Practice On Toys To Get Him To Brush Teeth

If the toddler appears to be hesitant to brush his teeth, letting him practice on a favorite toy and explaining the process to it may ease fears he has, according to Canadian Living.

If the tot can understand the steps of what is happening and when they are going to happen, he will be less likely to fight to brush his teeth.

Have A Routine

Toddlers thrive on routine. As such, brushing their teeth should be a routine as well. According to the American Dental Association, staying consistent is key when it comes to a successful tooth brushing routine.

Therefore, regardless of what the day has held or what special occasion is being celebrated, it is important to still brush those teeth at night so that the toddler does not fall out of routine when life gets back to normal.

Take Turns With Toddler

If the toddler wants to do everything on his own, taking turns brushing is a way to ensure teeth get brushed properly. Allowing the toddler to feel like he has control over this situation will stop the fights about brushing teeth. And when the parent brushes the teeth they know that the teeth are being brushed properly, keeping bacteria at bay.

Use An App That Times The Toddler To Get Him To Brush Teeth

When a toddler watches an app to let him know how much time he has left to brush, he is more apt to jump on board the tooth brushing train.

If the toddler is willing to brush his teeth on his own, he should be allowed to brush for the entire timer. However, according to Meraki Lane, the timer method also helps to distract toddlers who are not quite ready to brush their teeth on their own and put up a fuss about having them brushed. The more the teeth are brushed, the easier it becomes over time.

Make Brushing Teeth Fun

Toddlers love to play games. Therefore, make teeth brushing a game as well!

Parents should use what toddlers are interested in to their advantage. From superheroes that are fighting the baddies in the mouth or a brave knight who has to scrub the villains away to save the princess, whatever keeps the toddler engaged in the tooth brushing process in a fun way should be used.

It may seem like the day will never come when a toddler wants to brush his teeth. But with consistency and routine, the little one will be a tooth brushing pro in no time.

Article from BabyGaGa