Member Benefits

Real time, Accurate Quotes

  • Just like any other product or service, you should expect to get the price of your recommended dental care treatment plan before accepting it.
  • You should expect each dental care treatment plan to have dental codes and associated prices, and the total amount owed if you accept the plan.
  • You should expect fair market prices. If you have questions or concerns about your plan, consider a second opinion. Just click the second opinion button on the app to lean more.

It’s really that easy.

Accurate Dental Care Quotes

Here’s how it works if you are in the dental office:

  • Just ask your dentist to provide a quote on your current treatment plan.
  • Your dental office can simply insert the dental codes on your treatment into the Moonlight Graham Provider Web Portal
  • Within two minutes, your dental office will be able to provide you an accurate quote

Here’s how it works if you are not in the dental office:

  • Just click on the Get a Quote button on the app
  • Select the participating dental practice that has your current treatment plan and request a quote
  • Moonlight Graham will reach out to your selected dental practice to get your treatment plan and send you an accurate quote. It’s that simple.